HMS 8th Grade

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Assignment Checklist Week of 05/24 - 05/28:



Mrs. Wilson

8th Grade Math (3.15 - 3.19)

3.15 Monday: Review of Angle Pairs

__Open & Complete Google Slides

__ Complete Quizizz (no retake)

3.16 Tuesday: Transversal Quiz

__ Complete Quiz on Schoolnet

3.17: Wednesday: Triangle Sum Thm.

__ Complete Google Slides

__ Complete Quizizz

3.18: Thursdays Assignment

__Work on late/missing assignments

3.19 Fridays Assignment: Exterior Angle Thm

__ Complete Google Slides

__ Complete Quizizz


Ms. Gaddis

Science Checklist

  1. Google Classroom Hyperdoc Assignment 1 _____

  2. Google Classroom Hyperdoc Assignment 2 _____

  3. Google Classroom Hyperdoc Assignment 3 _____

  4. Google Classroom Hyperdoc Assignment 4 _____

  5. Google Classroom Hyperdoc Assignment 5 _____

Social Studies

Mrs. Bourne

Mrs. Bourne's Google Classroom -Link to my class

Standard: 8.H.1.3, 8.H.3.3, 8.C.1.1, 8.C.1.3, 8.E.1.2

All assignments will be posted in Google Classroom.

Monday, 5/3:

  • Read textbook pages 320-325 ______

  • Answer the Check Your Understanding questions in schoolnet _______

Tuesday 5/4:

  • Complete the First Day of School activity in Google slides _______

Wednesday 5/5:

  • Social Studies Work Day

Thursday 5/6:

  • Define the Key Terms on page 326 in Google Slides_____

  • Read textbook pages 326-329 ______

Friday 5/7:

  • Read textbook pages 329-334 _____

  • Answer the Check Your Understanding Questions in schoolnet_______

High School Planning

  • Check out our GearUp page for college and career hints and helps.

  • 8th grade teachers make recommendations for HS courses.

  • Driver's Education courses offered end of school year.

English Language Arts

8th Grade ELA Classroom

Mrs. Chastain

All 8th grade students should be reading independently at least 30 minutes each day. The HMS media center and the public library in Hayesville are excellent resources for finding books middle school readers will enjoy.

Charge Chromebooks Each Day

Language Focus -i-Ready Curriculum

L.6-8.1 "Form and use verbs in active & passive voice"

L.6-8.1 "form and use indicative, imperative, interrogative, conditional moods"

L.8-5b "Distinguish among the connotations of words with similar denotations"

L.6-8.1 "Continue to correctly use frequently confused words"

8th Grade ELA Checklist Week of 05/24-05/28

Week 9 of 4th Quarter

05/24 - Science EOG, Lesson 7 - “Active and Passive Voice” i-Ready Workbook, Pgs. 253-254

05/25 - 8th Grade Fun Day

05/26 - Lesson 8 - “Verb Moods” i-Ready Workbook, Pgs. 255-256

05/27 - Lesson 21 - "Denotation and Connotation" i-Ready Workbook, Pgs.281-282

05/28 - Lesson 22 - Frequently Confused Words"i-Ready Workbook, Pgs. 283-284